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Deborah Groves Photography



MEDIUM  SIZE MATTED PHOTO:   Photo is 13 x 18cm (5 x 7") and with black mat is 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10").

LARGE SIZE MATTED PHOTO:   Photo is 20 x 30 cm (8 x 12") and with black mat is 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16").

POSTER SIZE PHOTO:   Photo is 50 x 70 cm (approximately 20 x 28").  This size photo is not matted.  Please note that not all photographs are available in this size.

  Matted photo.       Close up of mat.     


PRICES - all prices quoted are United States dollars.  I can let you know the amount in your own currency if you email me.          

Medium photo with mat:  $15.00 usd plus postage and handling.

Large photo with mat:  $40.00 usd plus postage and handling.

Poster photo without mat:  $60.00 usd plus postage and handling.



  1. Choose the photos you require.

  2. Decide what size you want (medium, large or poster).

  3. Click here to email your order grovesphotography@yahoo.com.au

  4. Don't forget to include your postal address in your email.

  5. I will email you back with the total price (i.e. including packaging and postage).

  6. Pay for your order (the best option is via Paypal - see below). 

  7. Once your payment has been received your order will be despatched to you.

PAYMENT   In most cases the best option is to pay via Paypal  www.paypal.com   The email address to send the payment to is grovesphotography@yahoo.com.au

POSTAGE and PACKAGING - rates differ for each region/country.  I will therefore email you an exact price for your country when you email me. 

OTHER SIZES are available.  Please email me your specific requirements.

I have only included the most popular photographs on the previous gallery page.  Please feel free to request any other images you may have seen on other parts of my website or in stores.

Note:  Purchase and ownership of any photograph does not grant any publishing or display rights and photographs are sold on the understanding that they are for private use only.  Copyright remains exclusively with the photographer, Deborah Groves.

Copyright Deborah Groves 2013/2014 - All rights reserved for all countries.

Email:   grovesphotography@yahoo.com.au